Ton Dong A Branding

Nowadays, the world is changing very quickly more than ever. When corrugated iron production with automation technology in domestic is backward combined with many traditional barriers have made Ton Dong A enter the market slowly. With many business opportunities and big industrial market. New brand positioning strategy will promote Ton Dong A moves to new stage expanding to the global market. In Viet Nam, consumers are still very vague about iron corrugated iron products. During the past years, nobody could predict about a market chaos with various types of low quality productions, as a result, it caused harmful effects to industrial and construction industry.

Ton Dong A’s action is “authorize consumers to monitor products’s quality in way that is never-before possible”. What happens in a corner of the world that ethical values aren’t saved the true values and consumers benefits. Everybody’s awareness is effected by low quality productions and adulteration.

Ton Dong A brand is facing to a new reality, they try to breakthrough in technology in the context of the standards are suspected. They have to go on their own feet to develop Ton Dong A brand in global market by develop business strategy, change categories, a wide array of all touchpoints, and combined with customer’s monitor. Some brands can receive the result immediately, but with Ton Dong A, it is a long-term. Skip the traditional barriers, Ton Dong A develop in the direction of investment in newest technology in corrugated iron industrial. It decides to create an new re-definition that Ton Dong A brand will expand to global market. When the biggest barrier for corrugated iron products to be available in USA, EU, Japan, Australia market are strict standards of quality with products come from Viet Nam market and join industrial manufacturers commit to reduce the environmental impact which causes global climate change.

At Freshbrand, we create program to survey. We research the figures, talk with consumers, businesses are agency and analyze to know why brand success in a low rate. We see that strong brand which best-performing is now balancing brand world. Important positioning of Ton Dong A is adapting and agile while still identify basing on core principles, buiding a harmony relationship between 2 different stages mean respect the past and future dreams. This form is called a sensitive and compatible transition.
The common value “creating green life together” not only verify high-quality productions but also provide common value for every culture they join in. Ton Dong A manages energy usage actively. Energy-saving in cold rolled corrugated steel sheet and colored corrugated iron producing is very important to ensure competitiveness with competitors, even other industrial businesses, reducing environmental effect such as greenhouse gas emissions. Corrugated iron saves energy by 100% cycling, its durability is very necessary for producing and transmiting energy.

Eastern Dawn – Global Vision
To create a symbol for Ton Dong A which reflects its root, FreshBrand looks at location, area and even ambition. “Eastern Dawn – Global Vision” is the inspiration for our design.

Expanding To Developed Markets
Since repositioning the brand, Ton Dong A has enjoyed a steady increase, high rank in social and world, and an agency system by specific standards to meets the high demand of market. Ton Dong A has become an very reliable brand for consumers, with plan to expand to many developed market in the near future.

Highlighted as the standard of corrugated iron industry
Ton Dong A is not an iron-seller. To reflect its aspirations and motivations with its consumers. Ton Dong A imagine that brand is an unique experience of products, values, and loyal

Simply,Ton Dong A is smarter. Ton Dong A uses green technology to produce green products that competitors overlook, to make surprise, spontaneous and interesting to invest in corrugated iron industry.
Smart business. Designed for a global vision that challenges traditional, backward business concepts.
Creating image with high-end products. An consumers experience monitoring deeply, it's like being shipped to their own area.
A unique vision of Ton Dong A with exclusive products which only have a few choices and consumers fully experience and monitor it.

Remarkable moment
Ton Dong A is a corrugated iron brand providing outstanding products and experience, awesome efforts to satisfy consumers more than expect. The outstanding concept of "building a green life together " is positioned by green products, green technology with strong investment in branding, creating an international Ton Dong A brand.

Searching for surprises
The guiding process of Freshbrand to helps Ton Dong A see their opportunity of expanding brand to new frontiers. It’s increase Ton Dong A’s partners and customers awareness. Making Ton Dong A outstanding with creative ideas, such as multi-channel content and innovation in big events.

Adapt with new context
Ton Dong A has no choice exept repositioning after 16-year was influenced by inefficient business model. Beside of Great Depression, Ton Dong A has risen and acted to indentify their own brand. A brand with rank “new leader”, providing better methods, announcing a great change to comeback and emphasizing innovation technology and safe operation.

Buiding trust
Ton Dong A is concerned about product safety and community respect. They has joined almost all
national as well as international football leagues and sport events such as Premier League. Increasing appearence by donating for social activities, trading activities in area with other businesses in the same sector,... It’s is a perfect chance to show the world that they are work hard to do the right things by supporting for athletes, donating infrastructure for remote areal; strengthen trading links,...

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